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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nikah Khitbah

In Malay custom, marriage usually starts with an engagement. 
However, what is practices by the community before which is NIKAH KHITBAH is more faithful.
Some people says that KHITBAH and engagement are the same but actually they are wrong.
Many of the young generation asked 
<come on, this is the modern world, what is wrong with couple???>
Well, who says couple is wrong???
But, we have to do it in a right way which is MARRIAGE.
When we talk about marriage young people would make these a big deal:

  • I am not working yet
  • I have not finish my study yet
  • How to support my family
  • Parents are not going to allow 
  • Where to stay
  • Who is going to pay for house rent
  • and many more related question
Why they can have thousands of excuse to do something HALAL but when it comes to something HARAM, no one is going to put a question.

No worries about high expenses for wedding ceremony.
They just need to proceed with AKAD NIKAH and can delay the WALIMATUL URUS.
By NIKAH KHITBAH you don't have to worry because your partner are not going to stay with you, instead their parents are the one who should support the expenses. 
But, they can always meet each other without any worries and they are free from any sins. 
They can stay together whenever they are fully ready to carry out the duty as a husband and wife.

So, my conclusion is, NIKAH KHITBAH is the way how to make couple HALAL. 

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